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APCONTRA offers procurement services . Our procurement experts help reduce purchasing costs and mitigate industry risks by working closely with construction and engineering ....

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APCONTRA provides a competitive price and schedule accountability for construction services to the energy, water, telecommunications and government sectors ...

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APC Win Alex area Manage Services Starting from 2019

Finaly after 2018 achvivment , APC start 2019 with big step ahead with with Huawei in ALEX area.  

and below is the message from V.Chairman:

Congratulations my wonderful team!

Finally we are the winner in the Managed Services bidding with Huawei in ALEX area.   

It's a wonderful achievement! I share with you my happiness in this special occasion.

How delighted I am to know that we have become one from the main partners with Huawei !

With your sincere efforts, this promotion is no surprise but a super good news.



APC Moved to New head office Branch in Shekh Zayed

Starting From December 2018 , APC moved thire Head Office location to match

the Expanstion startegy in 2019 and to be more

centralized to all customers and emloyees.


The new Head office locaed in center of Shekh Zayed , Giza , Egypt


APC Become Etisalat Rollout Upper Team /2018 ... APC RANK # 1

We Need to Congrats Our Employees for their effort in 2018 & especially in the 2nd half . As we really change APC Image with Etisalat deployment team . Good Luck & Keep It up .

Accretive Progress Contractors (Apcontra)

APC founded upon the needs at the region to carry out and/ or develop programs started by NEC Networks & System integration corporation -Egypt Branch- which revolves within significant approach of Hi-Tech for building telecommunication networks at the most difficult areas, deploying complex telecom equipment with most qualified personnel to manage and implement.

Use of information technology in all business fields became non optional nowadays, this is the market fact, Starting from We APC team work as our client's problem solver. We offer the most up to date ICT solutions which is inevitable nowadays, with affordable costs. It's a growth, cost, benefit equation that everyone in the business considers in the first place. ICT to us is the new & upcoming trend for growth and development. It's like a cornerstone that will transform our client's hectic issues to a daily simple duty.