Upselling Tracking Tool

About Upselling

Upsell dynamically extends intelligent upsell offers to potentially all guests checking into a hotel, regardless of their booking channel or the availability of contact data. Through a hotel’s PMS, this sophisticated and smart upsell solution empowers front desk personnel to give each customer a better experience while boosting the property’s bottom-line.


APContra Upsell is now available for hotels through integration with MICROS OPERA to deliver complete visibility of upsell offers, results and reporting.


  • Automatic communication with the operating system during night run. And possibility to update on hourly basis.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly analysis on the performance against the set target for any specified period.
  • Individual Staff performance daily, weekly & monthly for any specified period.
  • Individual and collective Staff Incentive scheme for finance accruals and payroll collection according to agreed incentive percentage.
  • Finance scheme that allows better review process including highlights for repetitive guests & walk-ins.
  • Team leader incentive depending on team performance.
  • Elastic forecast according to hotel revenue
  • Separate forecast scheme with approvals cycle.
  • Market segment production analysis.
  • Dynamic dashboards with different analysis.
  • Different user accessibility with different rights and authorities(FD agent, Supervisor, Manager, Finance, General manager ,etc...)
  • Ability to measure performance with the same regional contracted hotels. (on later stage)