APCONTRA has procurement professionals strategically to help reduce purchasing costs and mitigate industry risks

Our procurement experts help reduce purchasing costs and mitigate industry risks by working closely with construction and engineering. We also reduce the time expended by personnel for the purchase of engineered equipment, commodities and construction subcontracts.

We provide clients comprehensive procurement solutions for their complex problems. We give them the advantage with proposal support, preparation of request for proposal (RFP) packages and negotiation of final award of contracts.

After the contract is awarded, our experts give clients the support they need with expediting and coordination of supplier activities, including shop inspections. This saves clients time and money across multiple projects and in transportation logistics, field quality control and materials management.


The APCONTRA logistics group provides logistics resources, information and services required to support engineering, procurement and construction projects .the goal of our logistics group is to manage project life cycles in conjunction with the supply chain .

Materials Management

The role of a materials management is to account and maintain responsibility for goods received at the site. This includes the delivery, tracking and maintenance of equipment in the field along with small tools and consumables. The materials management group is responsible for all lay-down yard and warehouse activity on a project. They coordinate closely with home and regional offices to maintain schedule and quality expectations. Material management becomes involved early on in the project life cycle. During the proposal stage, a detailed plan is produced outlining key requirements for outdoor, indoor and climate-controlled spaces. Working with engineering and construction personnel, preliminary plans for site access, resources and strategy are developed.

Supplier Diversity

APCONTRA is committed to finding diverse suppliers and business partners in all our endeavors around the globe. We value the participation of diverse suppliers and subcontractors to enrich our ability to serve clients’ business needs and meet their most complex challenges. By encouraging diversity in perspectives, backgrounds and cultures, we believe we widen the spectrum of solutions offered to clients – innovative solutions through a diverse team with a “collective perspective.”